Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Decade of a Year

Sitting aboard a 757 in route to Lame Deer, Montana, I just want to exhale. Listening to the hum of the engines, I want to breathe out a long deep sigh of rest. I’m not sure if I have done that in a while. A sentimental date in my life just passed by a little over 2 weeks ago. It was not a date worth marking the calendar or a cake full of candles, but I surely spoke words to Heaven telling God how thankful I am for allowing me to take part in His journey. This time last year was the day that God changed my life forever. On March 31st, a slight measure of fear and naivity was inside me as I boarded a jet over the Atlantic Ocean destined to Uganda, but an even greater measure of trust that I seldom grasp covered all uncertainty. You know that peace that surpasses all understanding that scripture talks about? I knew that. I just knew. A year has gone by to the date that I stepped my first step in the continent of Africa. I glance back on the road that has been traveled, and I am utterly amazed. It was simply a road paved in my understanding as I stepped, but rarely before I lifted my foot in stride. It has been a rollercoaster of a journey that has been defined by adventure. Touching each end of the spectrum, we have experienced pure joy watching children’s lives transform to tears marking our faces after surviving the bombing of July 11th. We have hurt and we have laughed. Countless airlines, seven countries, three continents, immeasurable impact, seventeen Africans, seven Native American’s, wonderful relationships, and peace all centered on the one true Foundation. Peace that goes beyond all understanding has guarded my heart.

Last year, I remember being taught how to set up a blog and feeling like a lost dog in a city writing my thoughts. It felt foreign. It still does. I went back and forth about what to title the web address. At first, I thought maybe just my Then, I thought maybe something about Uganda. After an internal tug of war over something that seemed insignificant, I realized exactly what it needed to be. This journey that my life has taken has nothing to do with me, or the places I have seen. It is all about Jesus. Finally, after a long time of searching for the answers to life and filling my void with things that had zero worth, I found what it means to have a foundation set in Christ. I am daily still learning what that means and constantly fall short of taking the opportunities He gives me, but I know He is refining me through fire, proving my faith genuine. He is my Refuge. Nothing that has taken place over the past year could have ever been done without God directing it all. Thank God… literally.

All of you that read this… (Maybe just my faithful family)… thank you. I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for you in my life. All of you that have supported me… thank you. All of you that believed in what I believed in and jumped on board with this team of servants, my heart overflows with gratitude for you. God places so many special people in my life and you being a part of it is the reason I am able to live out God’s call today. I will keep going even when it hurts. Even when the world and my uncertainty says that I should pursue safety, comfort, and stability and trust in myself to get me through, I will continue to set my eyes on the cross. I know I will stumble, but I will not fall. My foundation in set on the Rock. Daily I have to surrender to God’s plan to assure that I stay on track. My nature is to chase the world and all that is in it. You that pray for me… God has clearly heard your voice… thank you. All of you that bless me financially… you have made this possible and put my feet into motion… thank you. Those of you that listen to my heart… thank you. We are the body. Together, through the strength and power of Christ alone, we will change this world. Hope will be brought to someone that has never felt hope. God is fulfilling his Word and caring for the fatherless. God… Thank you. My heart is daily yours. Forgive me for when I have walked the other way and ignored you. Here I am. Send me. I still can’t believe what you have done and often I have to remind myself that this is real life. I’m amazed by You.

This has truly been a decade of a year. I eagerly await what the days ahead will bring. Thank you all for being a part of this team and making an eternal difference in many lives. 

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  1. I can't believe it's only been a year! You're right, it seems like so much longer! I'm always praying for you guys!