Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lead Us Again

It seems like many of my blog posts are written while aboard planes. Like the others, I am now writing flying over the Caribbean Sea and attempting to break down the experiences that I have just left. New faces, events, languages, and cultures have flooded my mind. Though I cannot see it fully yet, God is up to something that is so much bigger than me or any individual project. I am excited to watch it unfold and eager to see what is going to come around the next turn. Regardless, I know it will greater than all I could ask or imagine. That is how God works. He always amazes. Ephesians 3:20

The past two weeks have been beyond encouraging. After spending time in San Isidro with Will and Yolanda, I spent the last two weeks with Will Faircloth, a missionary in San Jose, Costa Rica. Entirely different, entirely new, and an entirely awesome experience, I tried to soak in every second. Will and his wife Ella are in the process of building a children’s home just outside of San Jose. They are partnered with another couple, and each brings teams from the United States all year to continue work on this home for Costa Rica’s children in need. These are pictures of the home and this is also the place Sozo is talking about partnering with in Costa Rica. Will also teaches in the seminary in Costa Rica and holds a children’s club every Saturday in the slums that teaches about Christ. Both Wills I stayed with during this time in Costa Rica are incredibly Godly men. There focus is following Christ, living the Gospel, and building the Kingdom. (God continue to shape me in that way).

(I actually typed this post a few weeks ago) But now that today has rolled around, I have realized the significance in the date. Today is March 10th, otherwise just another day, but March 10th last year was not just ordinary day for Jay Clark. Most of you know, Jay is one of my best friends that lead the way into Uganda on this exact day one year ago. I can’t believe it has only been a year. I feel like I have aged a decade. The experiences that have passed in this year I never would have dreamed. I would have laughed if someone would have said something in advance. I remember vividly watching Jay hug his sisters the night before in the parking lot in the pouring rain as they all cried and said goodbyes. It was like a movie scene. I had to turn away. Jay stepped out onto the water, when everyone else told him it was crazy. Jay had faith and trusted in the Lord to guide every step, even when it seemed uncertain. Neither of us knew what to expect, but God had so many plans already penned on the pages of life eagerly waiting to exceed our imagination. Jay is now about to get married to a beautiful Godly woman, and I know him and his new wife will always glorify God in all they do and live for Him everyday. It is great to see. Love you brother.

Sozo Children International is continually working through the daily trials and joys of ministry. Some days are mountaintop, the next are valleys, but everyday we are trusting in God’s faithfulness to direct every step. Currently, we are talking with the missionaries on the ground in Costa Rica to discern how Sozo is going to get involved in a Costa Rica project and begin caring for children in Latin America. God is opening doors like we never imagined. Please be prayerful that healthy partnerships are created and overall the name of Jesus is glorified and children that otherwise would not, will have a family, a home, and a life.

We are also about to send out four mission teams on Saturday. Into the nations we go heading to Costa Rica, Uganda, Montana, and for the first time… Haiti. Please be in prayer for God’s will to be done, Kingdom to be built, and guidance for our teams.

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  1. It's amazing to see what Sozo has become. Thanks for sharing your story with us. God's work in you all is truly beautiful. ~Mandy