Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Haitian Nation

Throughout life, chapters of life close and open. Some are joined with great joy and others deep heartache. Each one impacts who we are and the lens we see life through. Changes can shoot us into a tailspin if we aren’t set on a solid foundation. Change is the only constant in life, so why is it so hard to get used to? I don’t even feel like I have processed the experiences of the recently paused chapter of Costa Rica and today a new chapter is being penned in my life. Praise God (literally) that I am not the author of my story ever since I set my chapters on the Rock foundation.

So much is happening it is hard to wrap my mind around. Sometimes I don’t even believe it is real. Is this real life?

While gazing through the glare on my computer screen I am typing this on the way to Ft. Lauderdale to catch the next flight to Haiti. My eyes are heavy. 4:15 a.m. seemed to come earlier than it normally does. Once again, we are walking into an unknown land with foreign surroundings to see what God desires to do. Sometimes I wish I could tell people all these great plans and structures I see the Lord setting into place. My desire is to have it all figured out. Usually… that is not the case and I seldom see the end result, but I know when he is moving. He is moving. I pray that my transparency doesn’t cause doubt of what God is doing, but only shows how great He actually is. Plans for this world have been put into place for us to act on. Our “yes” has been uttered toward heaven and we are off to discover the next pages. We don’t step with ignorance but with complete trust knowing that when we put our faith in his faithfulness we can never lose. God is doing so many great things across the world. We have been so blessed to see it happen in Birmingham, Uganda, Montana, Costa Rica, and now…. Haiti.

If you will… pray for guidance. Pray for hearts. Pray for obedience. Pray that we are His hands, that we see with His eyes, and our heart breaks for what breaks His. Pray for His voice to be the only one I hear and the only one I follow. 

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