Sunday, January 30, 2011

Into the Unknown

Abundant across this world we live in is the variety of cultures, tribes, and languages. Almost 17,000 total groups in the world. Here in Costa Rica, which is about the size of the state of West Virginia, many cultures blend together to form this nation. There is a part of Costa Rican civilization that is mysterious to even the locals here. A people group that is far from the city and global technology lives far into the mountains. Most of the Costa Rican’s know simply of their existence but with limited knowledge of who they are. It is an indigenous people group called the Cabecar Indian Tribe located in the hard to reach mountain range with a population of about 9,000. Their native tongue sounds like nothing I have ever heard or even know how to describe. So disconnected from modern society, they don’t have electricity and don’t even live in community groups. Honestly, my knowledge of who they are and their customs are limited besides the small amount of information Wil and I have found on the internet. More we are sure to learn since we are visiting them this week.

Monday we are driving 5 hours across Costa Rica and as deep we can go into the mountainous jungle. That evening we are staying at an outpost on the border of the Reservation. The next day, Tuesday, starting at 5am, we are beginning a hike to reach these people high in elevation and deep into the thick of lush jungle. The chief is meeting us at the bottom of the trail and leading us to his natives. Wil asked, “How long is the hike, so we know how to prepare.” The man replied back with, “I don’t know. Sometimes seven hours, sometimes nine.” We figure that if the native Cabecar Indian can reach his destination through the jungle after seven or nine hours, our gringo selves will probably get us there in ten or eleven. We will see.

I don’t know what to even ask for specifically, but please be praying for our journey into the jungle to have an opportunity to learn from and minister to these people. We don’t fully know what to expect, but we are praying that God truly moves in a miraculous way, even if that is simply opening our eyes to the diversity and need of His children. Your prayer is desperately needed. Pray that someway, somehow, whatever direction God desires, that the name of Jesus be glorified.

Romans 15:20

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